Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Love My Life, Never Think 'THIS'

If you read my title above , maybe you'll guest what the think I mean. Here I want to tell you the real nightmare you wouldnt happen in your life. If you found this help, please let them shared to your family, friend or your loved ones.
Did you know there are drug-meat eaters, which makes your skin like a reptile crocodile? The addicts will lose skin and flesh bit by bit, starting from the skin to form blisters dry as green as wound ulcers.
It was Krokodil Drug, the cheap drug ever and fully dangerous. Krokodil was a codeine that mixed with hydrocarbons, substances such as gasoline, oil or alcohol. The mixture is then filtered and boiled before being injected into a vein.

The emergence of cases of Krokodil users resulting in damage to the skin, delivered by the Banner Poison Control Centre. They say the first two cases related to the influence of Krokodil occurred in Arizona, USA.
Continuous use of Krokodil can cause rupture of blood vessels, making the skin green and scaly and cause gangrene. So far, Russia has 2.5 million people who have registered to seek treatment from addiction. And life span for those users that only two to three years.